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Route Details

Both rides start and end at the Buchanan Fairgrounds. The 100 will have a chip-timed King of the Mountain (KOM) climbing a portion of Midland Trail Road to I-64 with grand prizes for each of the male and female winners of a set of wheels!

50-Mile Route

Affectionately referred to as The Little Artie, this route goes with the 100-mile group to the Rest Stop at the Effinger Fire Station. Both groups use this rest stop (fully stocked with food, drink and porta johns) at this diversion point. The 50 diverges from the 100 by turning left onto 251 while the 100 will continue right on 251. https://ridewithgps.com/routes/20215640

The Big Artie

This is the longest and most exciting route available to Artie participants. You’ll leave Buchanan Fairgrounds by way of the same route as the 50-mile group all the way to the Effinger rest stop. Turn left at the Effinger rest stop and you will hit the KOM portion of the route between the 1st and 2nd rest stop.